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Get Started Guide

Exosite helps launch your Home Automation product in a shorter time-span and at a lower cost. With a pre-built mobile application, production-ready firmware, and a scalable cloud backend, you'll be up and running in no time.

Feature Walkthrough

Here is a video that introduces feature highlights for ExoHome™.

Get the Materials You Need

We provides description for new features, improvements and bug fixes in the release note. You can also contact us ( get the latest stable SDK.

  • Solution: This is managed by Exosite. After the kick-off meeting, you will get a solution and admin accounts.

When you want to upgrade your solution to the latest version, you can send a request to

  • Firmware: You can find the sample code in the SDK.
  • If you are building a reference system: We use AMPAK AP72438 EV board for development. If you want to build a reference system, you can compile the sample code and run on AMPAK AP72438 EV board.
  • If you are porting to different hardware platform:
    • You need to understand the settings for your hardware platform.
    • You can follow the tutorial to complete your porting.
  • App: You can find the sample code in the SDK.

  • Official app: You could download the official app from App store and Google Play.

  • If you are building your own app:
    • A "solutionId" and "productId" will be provided to you after kick-off meeting for you to build an app that points to your solution.
    • You can follow tutorial to theme your app and customize UI of device control items.

Please be noted that the verified building app environment is as the released sample code. If you find a critical issue with your app, you can use the same environment as release sample code to build an app and test again.

  • Integrations (Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, SmartThings, Apple sign-in and Facebook): Please follow the tutorial to set up your integration service.

You can copy this table to save the important information related to ExoHome™.

Item Description
Solution URL*
Admin Account*
Alexa Client ID
Alexa Client Secret
Alexa Client ARNs
Google Home ID
Google Home Secret
IFTTT Client Secret
SmartThings Client ID
SmartThings Client Secret
Apple Client ID
Apple Client Secret

ExoHome™ Support System

When You Have a Question

  1. Please search for keyword or browse related section in the tutorial and FAQ.
  2. If you can't find the answer in FAQ nor tutorial, send an email to

When You Have an Issue

  1. Try to search for answers online. It maybe related to your environment setting.
  2. Test the issue using Exosite's standard firmware code and app to see if the same issue appears in our released code.
  3. If the same issue is found in Exosite's released code, please send an issue report including the table below to
Item Description
Solution URL
App version
Firmware version
Reproduce Steps
Reproduce rate (%, xx out of xx)
Other details