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Google Home Integration

Supported Google Home Commands

Currently, we provide the following voice commands to interact with Google Home.


"Ok Google, turn on the <device name>"

"Ok Google, turn off the <device name>"


"Ok Google, set <device name> to <number> percent"

"Ok Google, set <device name> to maximum"

"Ok Google, set <device name> to minimum"

Fan Speed

"Ok Google, set to <speed_synonym>"

"Ok Google, turn to <speed_synonym>"

Google Home may not execute as expected if <speed_synonym> contains numbers.

"Ok Google, up <device name> speed"

"Ok Google, increase <device name> speed"

"Ok Google, make <device name> speed higher"

"Ok Google, down <device name> speed"

"Ok Google, decrease <device name> speed"

"Ok Google, make <device name> speed lower"

"Ok Google, what is <device name> speed"

"Ok Google, turn <device name> to reverse"

Color Temperature

"Ok Google, set the <device name> to candle light"

"Ok Google, set the <device name> to incandescent"

"Ok Google, set the <device name> to soft white/ warm white"

"Ok Google, set the <device name>to cool white"

"Ok Google, set the <device name> to white/daylight/ daylight white"

"Ok Google, set the <device name> to ivory"


"Ok Google, set <device name> to <mode>

Temperature Setting

"Ok Google, set <device name> to <number> degree."

Create Google Home Actions

Please follow Google Home instruction, "Create an Actions on Google developer project" and "Select the Smart Home app" section to create your Google Home action.

Please enter the "Fulfullment URL" as below.

  • Fulfillment URL: https://<Your domain name>

Enable Account Linking.

Complete this section to link your ExoHome™ app to Google Home Action. Exosite will set up an Oauth Client for you. Please provide your "Project id" to Exosite by sending a mail to


  1. Go to the Actions on Google Developer Console.
  2. Go to "Account linking" under "Advanced Options".
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions to set up account linking:
    • Account creation: No, I only want to allow account creation on my website.
    • Linking type:
    • OAuth
    • Authorization code
    • Client information
    • Client Id: Provided by Exosite
    • Client Secret: Provided by Exosite
    • Authorization URL: https://<Your domain name>
    • Token URI: https://<Your domain name>
    • Configure your client: profile

Add Tester to Your Action

Before the action is published, you need to share the action to testers so that they can enable the action in their app. You can follow Test and share smart home Actions to add your team to the Google Home action.


When updating settings in Google Home App, any currently open Google Home apps will need to be reopened in order to sync the latest settings.

Launch Your Smart Home Action

Once the action is tested and is good to go, you need to submit it for release. Please follow this Google instructions.

Please note that Google will need some time to review your submitted actions. You can always check the status in the Actions console.

Connect Your Devices to Google Home

Before using your action, please upload corresponding information model with Integration Schema filled in to the Admin Site.

You can follow Google Home instruction to control devices via Google Home.


  • No device will be shown in the Google Home app if there is no information model on the Admin Site.
  • Make sure the content in your information model is correct. If your information model is incorrect, you cannot discover your device.
  • For more details about uploading information models to the Admin site, you can refer to Managing Information Models.
  • We strongly suggest that you change the nickname for your device, not using a general name or device type as the device name.

Problem Shooting

If you run into any issues (e.g. not being able to control devices), try to do one of the following actions:

  • Unlink the action and re-link it again.
  • Change the IAM permission (make it higher).
  • Remove the permission and re-add it again.
  • Provide the simulator link to the user

Enable Report State

To publish Google Home action, you need to enable Report State for your solution. Please follow Google Home instruction, "Get started" section to create a service account key. After the service account key is created, please provide "client_email" and "private_key" (you can find it from the service account key file(.json)) to Exosite by sending a mail to

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Last update: July 20, 2021