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Alexa Integration

Supported Alexa Commands

Currently, we provide the following voice commands to interact with Alexa.


“Alexa, turn on the <device name>”

“Alexa, turn off the <device name>”


“Alexa, set <device name> to <number> percent”

“Alexa, increase <device name> by <number> percent”

“Alexa, decrease <device name> by <number> percent”

The following commands can only apply to the devices with light function at this time.

“Alexa, set <device name> to maximum”

“Alexa, set <device name> to minimum”

“Alexa, dim <device name>”

“Alexa, brighten <device name>”

Color Temperature

”Alexa, set <device name> softer.”

”Alexa, make <device name> warmer.”

”Alexa, make <device name> whiter.”

”Alexa, make <device name> warm white.”

”Alexa, set <device name> to daylight.”


"Alexa, set the <device name> to fan mode."

"Alexa, set the <device name> to <mode>.


"Alexa, set the <device name> to 25 degree.

"Alexa, make it cooler in here."

Create Alexa SmartHome Skill

Please follow Alexa instruction, "Register as an Amazon Developer and Create the Skill" section to create your Smart Home skill.

Exosite will set up Lambda and an Oauth Client for you. Please provide your "Skill id" and "Redirect URLs" (you can find these from the Smart Home Skill you set up) to Exosite by sending a mail to

Smart Home

  • AWS Lambda ARN (Provided by Exosite)
  • Default: Choose the Lambda region you want to use as default.
  • North America: <us-east-1 Lambda>
  • Europe, India: <eu-west-1 Lambda>
  • Far East: <us-west-2 Lambda>

Account Linking

  • Authorization URL: https://<Your domain name>
  • Access Token URL: https://<Your domain name>
  • Client Id: Provided by Exosite
  • Client Secret: Provided by Exosite
  • Client Authentication Scheme: Credentials in request body
  • Scope: profile
  • Domain List: <Your domain name>

Note: If your solution version is below 2.1.0, we suggest that you upgrade the solution to the latest version for better stability on Alexa.

Connect Your Devices to Alexa

Before using your skill, please upload corresponding information model with Integration Schema filled in to the Admin Site.

You can follow Alexa instruction to connect your devices to Alexa.


  • No device will be shown in the Alexa app if there is no information model on the Admin Site.
  • Make sure the content in your information model is correct. If your information model is incorrect, you cannot discover your device.
  • We strongly suggest that you change the device name on Alexa app, not using a general name or device type as the device name.
  • For more details about uploading information models to the Admin site, you can refer to Managing Information Models.

Add Tester to Your Skill

Before the skill is published, you need to share the skill to testers so that they can enable the skill in their app. You can follow Alexa instruction to add your team to the skill.

Enable Report State

To grant "Work with Alexa" badge, you need to enable "Report State" for your solution. Please follow Alexa instruction, "Permissions" section to enable "Send Alexa Events" function. After acquiring Client Id and Client Secret, please provide them to Exosite by sending a mail to

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