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Controller Communication Adaption for Non-saanet Device

This section describes what you should do in the situation when the appliance is not a saanet device.


  1. Develop a new appliance communication protocol library for your appliance protocol.
  2. Model your own ESH table (see esh-table file as reference) to map the sensing/control fields from the cloud command to your appliance protocol.
  3. Re-implement the source code in library/saanet/general_profile.c to comply with your appliance protocol. In this case, you may not use saanet40 implementation directly, and you can create a new implementation to link to your appliance communication protocol library; meanwhile, you may use fixed data to fill in the saanet_profile_t instance (e.g., saaVersion=0x0400) if your appliance communication doesn’t provide the same item.
  4. You may need to replace the vuart interface if your appliance communication library doesn’t use the serial communication interface. Or you may make vuart as a dummy function if you retrieve the related data without real communication.

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