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Setting Up Your Environment

Please note that we only guarantee the released sample code as a verified and functional app building environment. If you find a critical issue with your app, you can use the same environment as our released sample code to build your app and test again.

Install Node -


  1. To start, we recommend installing NVM (Node Version Manager). Please refer to the NVM Repository to install NVM.

  2. Next in your terminal, install Node using nvm install 10.

    nvm install 10
  3. You can now check and make sure Node and npm have been installed.

    node --version && npm --version
  4. For future use, you should set your default Node version with nvm alias default and nvm use default.

    nvm alias default 10
    nvm use default

Install Ionic -


  1. Install Ionic using npm install -g cordova ionic.

    npm install -g cordova ionic
  2. You can now check your version using ionic info.

    ionic info


You may see this update message after running ionic info. If you want the Ionic CLI to check for CLI updates automatically choose "Yes".

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Last update: July 20, 2021