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Publishing Your App

Submit Your App to Google Play Store

Preparing a release Android APP bundle

The Android App Bundle is Android's new, official publishing format. Follow these steps to prepare a release APP Bundle for the Google Play Store.


  1. Open your terminal and cd to the hamv_mobile

    cd hamv_mobile
  2. Generate a release keystore

    keytool -genkey -v -keystore <keystoreName>.keystore -alias <keystoreAlias> -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity <keystoreValidityTime> 

  3. Generate a key hash for Facebook Login

    keytool -exportcert -alias <keystoreAlias> -keystore <keystoreName>.keystore | openssl sha1 -binary | openssl base64


    Make sure to save this file somewhere safe, if you lose it you won’t be able to submit updates to your app.

  4. Put your release key hash to Facebook developer

    • Go to Facebook for Developers website
    • Select your app
    • Go to the page Settings/Basic<your APP Id>/settings/
    • Find the block "Android"
    • Put the key hash that you just generated into the field "Key Hashes"
    • Click "Save Changes"
  5. Prepare a production release config

    • Copy and paste your release.keystore file to <project_root>/keystores folder.
    • Go back to <project_root> folder and open build.json.
    • Add the release information block to android scope. Edit storePassword, alias and password values.

    Here is an example of a build configuration file:

        "android": {
            "debug": {
                "keystore": "./keystores/debug.keystore",
                "storePassword": "android",
                "alias": "androiddebugkey",
                "password" : "android",
                "keystoreType": ""
            "release": {
                "keystore": "./keystores/release.keystore",
                "storePassword": "<release_keystore_password>",
                "alias": "<keystoreAlias>",
                "password" : "<release_password>",
                "keystoreType": ""
  6. Build a production release version APP Bundle by inputing the commands below:

    ionic cordova build android --prod --release
    Then, add these commands:

    cd platforms/android
    ./gradlew bundleRelease

After building process is done, you can find your android-release.aab under <project_root>/platforms/android/app/build/outputs/bundle/release folder.

Now you have your final release binary and you can release this to Google Play Store.

Release app to Google Play Store


  1. Go to Google Play Developer Console. If you start from scratch, please register for a Google Play Developer account to create and set up your APP.


    If this is your first release for this app, follow the instructions to configure Play App Signing.

  2. Go to your APP and click production on the left navigation.

  3. Click Edit release button on the upper right.

  4. Upload the App Bundle file (it should be .aab file format) and fill in release details.

  5. Click Save, and then Review release to check all the release information is correct.
  6. Submit for Google Play to review. Normally it takes around 5 business days. If there is no problem of your submission, your APP will be published.

Submit your app to the App Store

Release app to the App Store


  1. Go to iTunes Connect and log in

  2. Click "My Apps"

  3. Click the plus button and select "New App"

  4. Fill the fields in the popup and click "Create" button


    If you don't have a bundle ID that can be selected, go here to create one

  5. Click the app that you just created

  6. Go to the "App Information" page and fill the privacy URL and select the category of your app

  7. Go to "Pricing and Availability " page, select the price of your app and select an option under the "Volume Purchase Program"

  8. Go to "Prepare for Submission " page and fill out the field in the page


    The images of 5.5-inch Display (iPhone) and 12.9-inch Display (iPad) are REQUIRED

  9. Please follow the section Upload build to your app to upload your build for review

  10. Click button "Submit for Review" in the page "Prepare for Submission " on the top right

Upload build to your app


  1. Open Xcode and select the file name extensions ".xcworkspace"

  2. Open Preferences

    (1) Select your account and click "Manage Certificates" button

    (2) Create a new certificate if you don't have one

  3. Click the "General" tab and select the team

  4. Make sure your bundle ID and version are as the same as the settings in iTunes Connect

  5. Go to Resources > Images.xcassets, make sure the images of 60pt exist

  6. Change the app build to Generic iOS Device

  7. Click Product > Archive

  8. Select the archived file, and click Upload to App Store button

    (1) Select your team and click the button Choose

    (2) Check the information and click Upload button

    (3) Click the button Done after seeing Upload Successful

  9. Go back to iTunes Connect, select Activity tab, check if the build that you uploaded is already there


    If the status for the build is Processing, please wait for a while.

  10. Click the tab "App Store", and click "Prepare for Submissions"

  11. Upload your build file

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Last update: September 15, 2021