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Configuring Your Mobile App

In this article, we will cover how to set up your Ionic project from the ExoHome™ app. You can download ExoHome™ SDK in the release note.

By the end of this article, you will have done the following,

Set Up Your App ID and App Name

Every app has an App ID, to uniquely identify your app on a device or publishing store, and an App Name, the display name shown to your end-users. You should choose a name and id unique to your application.


You can always update this later, before publishing.


  1. Open "config.xml", under the hamv_mobile folder.

  2. Change your App ID and App Name, shown as "com.example.myapp" and "Exosite ExoHome". Note that App ID is interchangeably with Package Name for Android and Bundle ID for iOS.

Important notice about "config.xml" and "package.json"


Once you install a platform in the "Running the App" tutorial, any time you change your "config.xml" or "package.json", you need to do the following remove commands and then reinstall the dependencies and platforms.


1. Remove node_modules, plugins and platforms

cd hamv_mobile
rm -rf node_modules
rm -rf plugins
rm -rf platforms

2. Remove platform

ionic cordova platform rm android
ionic cordova platform rm ios

3. Reinstall project dependencies

npm install

To seamlessly redirect users to your installed app from another location, such as the welcome or reset password landing pages, follow the provided steps. Redirecting to the app will not work without setup.

Note 1

You can always update this later, before publishing.

Note 2

Please make sure you change the deep links and don't use the default ones.

  1. Open "package.json".
  2. Change your URL_SCHEME, DEEPLINK_SCHEME and DEEPLINK_HOST in your "package.json".

The URL_SCHEME and DEEPLINK_SCHEME should match the App Url Scheme under your Admin site "Theme" section.

The DEEPLINK_HOST should match your domain URL that Exosite provided.


Scheme and host name matching in the Android framework is case-sensitive, unlike the RFC. As a result, you should always specify schemes using lowercase letters. See Android - Data Element

Set Up Solution Host and Product Host


  1. Open "app.config.ts", under hamv_mobile/src/app/.

  2. Change your solutionHost, shown as "" by default. Replace the value to the one Exosite provided.

  3. Change your productHost, shown as "" by default. Replace the value to the one Exosite provided.

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Last update: August 10, 2021