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App Config


Several app-based settings can be managed in the "app.config.ts" file, which is under hamv_mobile/src/app/.



  1. appEngine: This field is used to set up the cloud services.
  2. solutionHost: (Required) The solution the app connects to for cloud services.
  3. productHost: (Required) This is MQTT service host that would be sent to device when provsioning.
  4. hockeyApp: The HockeyApp account keys used to distribute apps via HockeyApp. For more information, see HockeyApp.
  5. mixpanel: The Mixpanel token used to track user behavior data to Mixpanel. For more information, see Mixpanel
  6. group: (Required) Used to set UI limits for groups.
  7. max: The maximum limit for the number of groups your users can add.
  8. devices: The maximumlimit for the number of devices your users can have in a group. If user exceeds this limit, an alert pop up will be shown on the app and the action will be reverted.
  9. schedule: (Required) Used to set UI limits for schedules.
  10. max: Modify the maximum limit for the number of schedules your user can have per device.
  11. theme: Used to set up the general app theme.

Note: Your Admin site Theme settings will overwrite the values set here.

  • color: Change the primary color of your app.
  • productName: Change the product name of your app.
  • wifiName: Represents the Wi-Fi name shown under the "Add Device" page.

  • support: Used to set up customer support settings.

  • email: The support email address used for end-users to send feedback.
  • disableLog: Used to enable/disable the end-user feedback and logging feature.
  • logConfig: Used to set up the end-user feedback and logging feature.

  • recordLimit: The number of debug logs the app will store. The recommended setting of 10,000 is to ensure a smaller file size for the end-user.

Note: If you want to publish your mobile App, please disable this logging feature.

  1. amazonAlexa: Used to set up the Amazon Echo page.
    • skillName: Represents the Amazon Alexa skill name shown under the "Amazon Echo" page.
  2. googleHome: Used to set up the Google Home page.
    • ghName: Represents the Google Home action name shown under the "Google Home" page.

For questions and more information on the ExoHome™, visit our support site.

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