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Managing Notifications

Notification system allows you to send push notifications, email, and/or SMS to end users when a certain condition is met. You can create a rule and customize the title and message of the notification for what you want to communicate with end users.

End users can decide if they want to receive email/SMS notification from side bar menu --> Alert settings.

This is not an ExoHome default feature. If you want to enable notification system, please contact Exosite by sending an email to

Notification Page

The terms on the notification page are defined below:

  1. Quota: Shows the limit of notification allowed in the solution and the number of created notifications. The example above shows there is a notification created and the limit of notification is 10 for this solution.

  2. Rule: This represents the trigger of the notification.

  3. Info. Model: The "Family Members" of the information model that the notification rule will apply to.

  4. Title: This represents the title shown on the push notification in end user's app.

  5. Message: This represents the message shown on the push notification in end user's app.

  6. Recipients: This represents the user who will receive the notification based on roles. There are 2 options, "All" and "Owner".

  7. Edit: Click to update the notification.

  8. Delete: Click to delete the notification.


    Deleting a notifation cannot be reversed.

Create a Notification

  1. Click on the Add Notification button.

  1. Define Notification: Family Name, Rule Type, Notification Title, Notification Message, Recipients.


    We only support device status as rule type at this time.

  1. Click the Save button to create the notification.

At this point, app will receive a notification if a rule is triggered.


You can't update familyMembers of information model that used in the notification setting. You need to remove the information model from the notification setting when you want to update familyMember of the information model.

Notification Limit Reached

When the notification quota is reached, it will show as the image below. If you want to add more notifications, please remove unused one or contact Exosite to increase notification quota by sending an email to


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Last update: July 20, 2021